How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: 5 Magical Makeup Tips for Women

Your eyes make such a statement about you. If you compliment your eyes right, you can make your eyes pop and get a more beautiful look.

So, many women complain about having eyes that are “too small” but forgot to understand that everybody is built differently. Some woman have small eyes and big lips; others have the opposite.

If you’d like to make your eyes look BIGGER, here are the best tips as suggested by professionals and recommended by myself.

Do you need to know How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

The first and foremost reason is, bigger eyes make you look more awake. Many consider it to be the reason for looking pretty. Using some tricks on your eyes will make them stand out and give you an overall beautiful look. Additionally, bigger eyes can make you feel more confident about your looks and overall body aesthetics.

5 Magical Makeup Tips on How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Rounder

Let’s reveal the secrets.

1. Start with Curling Your Eyelashes

I ALWAYS start off my makeup by curling my lashes. I believe that even if you’re going to go all natural for the day and not wear any makeup, curl your lashes!! Curling your eyelashes make such a dramatic difference in your eyes. So many women skip this vital step. Always, always, always curl your eyelashes!

Curling your eyelashes even makes them look longer. They leave a great impact on your eyes. I curl my both eye’s eyelashes for 10 seconds.

Professional Beautician Tip: To get your lashes even more curled heat up eyelash curler with a blow dryer.

2. Apply Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is a little tricky, but every girl learns it at some time. Eyeliner helps your eyes pop, have a beautiful shape, and make your eyes look bigger – three birds with one stone.

Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line! For this look, I did a slight bit of a cat eye, winged eyeliner look. I followed my lash line with my liquid eyeliner until I reached the end of my eye than I did a slight curve.

3. Grab Your Mascara

Mascara! Such an important factor in bringing your eyes out and making them pop! Mascara even makes your eyelashes appear longer. Applying mascara increases the area of your eyes making them look bigger and rounder.

Many of you avoid applying mascara to the lower eyelashes thinking it makes your eyes small. But that is not true. I generously applied black mascara to both my upper and lower lashes for this makeup look!

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4. HAC (Highlight-And-Contour)

It stands for Highlight and Contour. Believe it or not, highlighting and contouring isn’t just for your cheekbones! It works well on your eyes as well. Contour your eyes by making a high crease with a darker eye-shadow. Exaggerate your crease line by drawing it a bit higher than it is.

I usually draw mine higher than usual giving the effect and illusion that my eyes are larger!

5. Apply White Eyeliner

Lastly, I applied white eyeliner to my waterline. Your water line is the smooth line of skin between your lower lashes and actual eyeball! I know white eyeliner sounds a bit crazy but, I promise it doesn’t leave you with a noticeable white line.

It will make you look more awake as your eyes will appear bigger and brighter. You can even use this as a hack when your eyes look tired and small in the morning.

Products used in this tutorial are:

Final Words

So I hope this whole post proves to be of some use to you gals. Many of us have naturally small eyes while others face the problem of small, tired eyes in the morning. Then all you got to do it use the secrets mentioned above and Bam! You have got a Ph.D. on “how to make your eyes look bigger.”

Try using all the ticks mentioned together to have a more beautiful look. Apply eyeliner, curl your lashes apply some mascara on them and so on. Along with big eyes, you can even have the long eyelashes look.

So, comment below with your experience after trying the above hacks. Also, don’t forget to mention some other tricks if you know. Do share this posts with your friends and bookmark the site for more such hacks and tips. Let us help each other look beautiful.

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