10 Hair Secrets From Hairdressers That will Change Your Life Forever!

Good hair makes me feel that I can rule the world. Since I’m a soon to be a hairdresser, I’ve gone on a mad quest to find the craziest, greatest hair secrets, tips, and tricks of all time.

Your beautiful hair and scalp need care and help from time to time. Never give up on them. Healthy, beautiful hair requires the utmost care, dedication, and love.

I’ve decided to collect 10 of the BEST KEPT hair secrets from hair professionals and hairdressers to share with you. I’m about to fill you in on some of the best hair secrets EVER; these will rock your world! Your hair can thank me later!

10 Hair Secrets from Hairdressers That’ll Change Your Life

Hair Secret from Hairdressers

Let’s get started.

1. Ordinary Shampoos and Conditioners Just Don’t Make the Cut

Sorry to rain on anybody’s parade but, it’s true! Regular, drugstore shampoos and conditioners don’t make the cut for most ladies’ hair!

Unless you were born with the strongest, healthiest, durable hair ever than this rule doesn’t apply to you. I have to admit I’ve been skeptical (since I’m a cheapskate) about this secret. But it couldn’t be more exact.

Recently I ditched the typical, average priced drugstore shampoos (aa know? The Loreal Brand, Pantene Brand, Herbal Essences, etc.) and switched to a brand found in salons and some drugstores. It’s called Biolage.

You can see it at drugstores and salons. It’s pretty pricey (a bottle of conditioner cost me $30.00) but, I’m not kidding when I say this…

After just a few uses my hair did a COMPLETE 180. My hair went from brittle, dull and lifeless to vibrant, healthy and strong again! Try it, ladies. You won’t regret it.

2. Avoid Extra Hot Showers

Maybe you are sitting there confused, wondering what in the heck a shower has to do with your hair? Just hold on, I’m about to explain!

You see, when you take an “extra long, hot shower” as much as it feels so good and rejuvenating your hair is feeling the exact opposite. That hot water is stripping your hair of its natural oils.

The result? Frizzy, brittle, dry, unhealthy hair! Ladies let me tell ya; lukewarm water is your best friend.

3. You Don’t Have to Cut Your Split Ends Off

I made a mistake; this secret definitely should have been made number 1. To so many of us ladies, one of the most devastating things is when you spend sooooo long trying to grow out your long luscious locks, only for your hairdresser to chop off 2 inches worth of dead split ends.

But guess what? The bad news is you need to take care of those split ends! The good news is that there’s another option besides chopping them off! That’s right, put the scissors away and listen up…

There’s a miracle ingredient in some shampoos called: Orchid Extract. These fantastic little ingredients will almost act as cement and repair split ends together.

4. Throw Away Your Hairbrush

Now when I say throw away your hairbrush, I’m not saying this is a free pass never to brush your hair again and sport some dreadlocks (unless that’s what you are into, in that case, go for it).

Throw away your hairbrush and replace it with something much, much better for your hair. A wide-tooth comb.

By making this simple little switch out, you’ll be saving your hair from breakage caused by hair brushes and hair loss.

For those who are blessed with thick and long hair, make sure to read these 5 hair care tips.

5. Check Your Products

Just like you check the food ingredients you put into your mouth, starting checking what you put on your hair as well!

Make sure to pay EXTRA attention to dangerous ingredients such as alcohol, or water-based ingredients.

Ingredients like this are fine in moderation, but excess use will contribute to frizzy, dry, damaged hair.

6. One-Click of a Button Could Save Your Life

Okay so maybe I exaggerated a little bit? The click of this particular button probably won’t save your life but, it’ll save your hair’s life. I mean they are pretty much as necessary, right?

And by the “click of a button,” I’m talking about your blow dryer! I don’t know about you but, let me inform you. 99% of us ladies blow dry our hair with the temperature set to all the way hot. Cause it feels so good or whatever!

But, its time to change that. Switch your blow dryer from hot to cool when blow-drying your hair and you can prevent so much extensive damage. Also, cold air will lock in moisture so your hair won’t be as dry and brittle.

7. Your Hair Color Can Bring out Your Eyes!

If your all about bringing out your eyes or making your face have that extra pop try asking your stylist to match your highlight color to the flex of your eyes!

It will make your eyes pop and sparkle regardless of whatever shade of clothing your wearing! Cool huh?

8. Sun, Sun, Sun!

Okay, again another secret where you probably think what in the world does the sun have to do with your hair?

Trust me on this. Your whole life you’ve probably heard “Wear your sunscreen,” “Cover-up,” “Your gonna burn”! Have you ever once heard somebody tell you to protect your hair from the sun? Guessing not!

Believe it or not, if you are exposed to A LOT of suns, you could be damaging your hair.

Wear a hat or use hairspray with SPF in it to protect. You are guaranteed to see some changing results.

9. Chances Are Your Using Bobby Pins Wrong

I hate to burst your bubble or tell ya you are doing something wrong but, chances are your using bobby pins the entirely wrong way!

I would know because I was guilty of this until I learned the correct way to use bobby pins.

Did you know that the curvy or bumpy part of the bobby pin is supposed to be on the bottom so that it can grip your hair and hold it better? Probably not!

Also instead of using 50 bobby pins to keep a hairstyle together try using two bobby pins and crossing them (Like an X).

10. The Highest Setting Isn’t for Everybody

I’m talking about your flat irons, curling irons or whatever other crazy heat tools you use!

Chances are if you were to grab your heats tools right now they’d all be cranked up to the highest heat setting possible! Am I right?

Well hate to break it to you but, the highest settings aren’t for everybody!

They are for people with super thick, coarse and strong hair! Again not everybody. So do your hair a favor and turn the heat down.

Final words

You must always take care of your hair even if you feel they are healthy and beautiful. Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.

Having excellent and quality hair is essential, so note down these critical hair secrets and tips and take them up in your daily life.

While you’re caring so much for long and thick hair, why not take care of your lashes too? Here are some amazing tips to get longer Eyelashes.

Do leave a comment with some new suggestions and your experience with the tips mentioned above.

Also, share this post to help every beautiful woman out there who is struggling to have gorgeous hair.

And I repeat, never, never give up on your beautiful hair. After all, hair reflects your health and personality.

Top Hair Secrets from Hairdressers
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