10 Ways to Roll Out of Bed and Look Amazing (Beauty Hacks for A Fast Morning Routine)

Well, not everyone gets up as soon as the alarm goes off. Hitting the snooze button for 4-5 times is like a daily routine now. But a little more sleep in the morning can make you quite late for your everyday jobs.

Once we are late, we have to get ready, have breakfast and complete some morning chores in a jiffy. Everything can be done in a hurry but compromising on beauty and going out with a messy morning look? No, No, a big NO!

A good morning start is what we all girls need. There is a long day ahead, and if we feel uncomfortable inside and continually worrying about the greasy hair, lipstick shade is not what we need.

So, if you overslept for whatever reasons, I have got your back, gal. These fast morning routine tips will ensure you look your best no matter how many times you hit that snooze button.

10 Ways to Roll Out of Bed and Look Beautiful

How to Get Ready Faster - Fast Morning Routine

Let’s get started.

1. Try a Quick Side Twist

In a rush to get to class? Nearly late for work? No problem. Try this easy 2-minute hairstyle. It will not only save your time but also give you a pretty look.

Pull your hair into a slick side pony. Then split into two sections. Twist both pieces in the same direction. Wrap them around each other. Voila! You’ve got a fun, chic style in two minutes.

Want a video instruction? Here it is.

2. Fake a bronzy, glow with a highlighter

Fast Morning Routine - Face Highlighter Advice

Source: Getty Images

Dab some highlighter in a C-shape starting at the outer tips of your brows to the tops of your cheeks! It will make you look like you got a full nights worth of beauty sleep no matter how late you stayed up.

3. Turn your dirty hair into gorgeous beach waves!

No time to wash your hair? No big deal! Try spraying a couple of squirts of Texturing Beach Spray (Like not your mother’s beach spray) to your hair for perfect, tousled waves! You’ll have that “I woke up like this” look in no time.

If you are blessed with thick hair, you can use these 5 secret tips to manage thick and long hair.

4. Fake being wide awake with white eyeliner

Are your eyes droopy and worn from a lack of sleep? Try lining your water line (The skin between your bottom eyelashes and eye) with white eyeliner for that fresh-faced, bright-eyed look!

TIP: For even brighter, poppier eyes dab a tiny bit of bronze, shimmery eye-shadow to the corner of your eyes.

5. Freshen up second-day hair in seconds!

Fast Morning Routine - Dry Shampoo

Source: Matrix

Are you going on the second, third or even fourth-day hair? Yikes! If you answered yes, dry shampoo is your new best friend. Just spray a bit to your hair to soak up any oil or grease.

6. De-puff tired eyes with green teaFast Morning Routine - Tired Eyes

Are you one of those gals who gets under-eye bags when you lose even an hour of sleep? And going to work with those tired eyes will get you so many questions from everyone.

Instantly revive your eyes by soaking two cotton balls in green tea and placing them on your eyes for a few minutes. And watch under eye bags disappear instantly.

7. Touching up a manicure in a hurry

Fast Morning Routine - Manicure

Scared of applying nail polish in a hurry? Think you might have to wait minutes to get them dry or get the nail polish on some of your beautiful dress?

Then here’s the trick- Soak your nails in a bowl of ice water for a minute if you are in a rush to re-touchup a manicure. After coating nail polish over the chip, soak your nails in ice water and watch the polish dry within minutes.

8. No time to wash your face?

Fast Morning Routine - Remove Makeup

Source: Katie Friedman

Are you still wearing makeup from the previous night? Don’t neglect your face by refusing to wash it. Instead, use a makeup remover wipe to take off your old makeup in seconds.

Never leave you old make-up on the face. It turns into a mess!

9. Wear a bold lipstick!

Fast Morning Routine - Bold Lipstick

“Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.”

Believe it or not by sporting a red lipstick or any other bright color you’ll brighten up the rest of your face. Thus giving the impression that you got a full nights rest.

10. Comb wet hair into a side braid until you get to school or work

Fast Morning Routine - Side braid

Source – YouTube

Washed your hair, but don’t know what to do with it? Then tie a side braid till you reach your destination and then undo it, right before you get there, shake it out and taa-daa! Gorgeous, loose waves! And who does not love the wavy look?

Also, check out these 10 mind-blowing hair secret from hairdressers.

What’s Your Fast Morning Routine?

“I went a day without wearing makeup once. The longest day of my life.” Not that everyone needs makeup, but we do need some hacks when we are late to work. So these were the few beauty hacks for a fast morning routine that every girl must know.

So even when you roll out of bed late, you can still have amazing looks. And you never have to be worried of your looks and ruin your mornings. Bookmark this site we have some more amazing tips for you.

Do leave a comment below if these tricks proved of some help to you ladies. And even share some of your hacks which you use with us so that we can include it in our list.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends! Afterall we need to have each other’s back.

And lastly, don’t forget to SMILE. Smiling brightens up your face and makes you look all fresh.

As Beyonce said- A woman is most beautiful when she smiles.


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