Beauty Sleep: 6 Ways to Wakeup and Look Beautiful

Every girl on this planet wishes to wake up with a perfect glowing and smooth skin. But is it possible? Well, you will know.

This occurred to me during my stressful days. I realized that my skin is losing its glow. I felt my skin breaking through, it all felt dry and gloomy. So I wondered what happened?

After a little research, I understood where I was going wrong. I used to spend all my day stressing about the work and finally at the end of the day just to enjoy I spend hours on Netflix.

And you all know how that goes. That is when I realized that I am sleep deprived.

I know we girls have so much to worry about- daily chores, workload, family, and everything. But it is also important to look beautiful. Right?

How many of you feel that your skin is all dull and tired? Hoping for a glowy skin? Then here is the perfect solution – beauty sleeping.

What is Beauty Sleep?

Beauty Sleep is for real! Our body works peacefully when we are asleep. Sleep repairs our body tissues, restores and resets our hormone level and gives us a refreshing feeling in the morning. When we are sleep deprived the level of stress hormone increases causing our skin to break.

So we all need our beauty sleep. Try to sleep for 7-8 hours. Give your body time to heal itself. But is sleeping anyhow for 7-8 hours enough? NO!

You may sleep in a certain way and then end up with an even worse condition. There are certain tips which you can follow to look beautiful every morning you wake up.

6 Tips For a Perfect Beauty Sleep

Let’s get this ride started, gals!

1. Sleep on a Satin or Silk Pillow Sheet

This will do 2 major things for your looks. Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow sheet will ensure that you wake up with way fewer tangles. Silk is easier on your hair and prevents breakage.

Also, sleeping on a satin or silk pillow sheet for long periods of time will make sure you prevent aging of the face and wrinkles.

Treat your hair and skin well by switching to satin or silk.

2. Sleep on Your Back

Studies have proven that people that sleep on their back are prone to fewer wrinkles. How?

Because when you don’t sleep on your back you put pressure on your skin which can lead to creasing and wrinkles of the skin.

3. Apply Lotion & Moisturizers in Night

Did you know that night time is the best time to apply your lotions and moisturizing products? Why?

Because the lotions have all night to work into your skin and get deep down to the important skin layers.

Applying these products at night gives them the chance to work their full cycle.

4. Regularly Change Your Pillow Cases and Sheets

It is extremely important to change & wash your sheets and pillowcases often. Especially pillowcases so that your facial skin isn’t resting on grime & bacteria for hours during the night.

Some people have found the laundry detergent or fabric softener they use can affect skin causing problems like acne, rashes and more to flare up and arise.

To prevent this try switching to a gentler or more natural/organic type of detergent. Specialists suggest changing your pillowcase at least once a week. As for sheets every two weeks.

5. Don’t Sleep with Your Hair Up

Sleeping with your hair up will result in breakage of the hair and hair loss. Even if your hair is in a loose bun!

Try and get in the habit of sleeping with a loose, stretchy material headband. This way your hair stays out of your face and cant bring oils to your skin.

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6. Never Sleep with Makeup On

Never! I repeat NEVER sleep with your makeup on. Always wash your face before bed with a good cleanser or soap. If your too lazy or tired to get up and wash your face keep makeup remover wipes by your bedside to use. Don’t resort to these all the time.

Letting makeup stay on your face for a long time can harm your skin. Here are few other beauty myths we have debunked in past.

Just put in a little effort to clean it up before going to bed to save your skin from the bad infections.

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