20 Beauty Myths Debunked: Stop Falling for These Common Lies

If you want to look beautiful without irritating or hurting your skin, you need to know some of the beauty myths first. And then from here on stop falling for them!

These beauty myths have been with us for years. It happened to me when I was at a sleepover and unfortunately had a big pimple on my face. So my friend suggested me to use toothpaste on it. I tried it and trusted me I regretted. And then the series continued throughout my life until I discovered the facts.

But I don’t want you to go through the same thing. So here I am with this post to help you understand some of the beauty myths and what is the ACTUAL TRUTH.

20 Beauty Myths We All Fall For (But Not Anymore!)

Let’s uncover the truth behind these beauty myths, gals. Shall we?

1. Brushing 50+ Strokes a Night Is Great for Hair Growth, Shine, and More

Over-brushing your hair can do way more harm than it can good. Also, it can trigger oil glands causing greasy, oily, flat hair. They will not help you in hair growth instead it can make your hair brittle and the roots weak.

2. Bobby Pins, Clips, and Hair Ties Can Break Your Hair Off

Using hair ties can tear or rip your hair but since most are covered in fabric their harmless. Unless they are super tight on your hair, bobby pins, clips &, etc. are safe to your hair.

3. Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day Will Make Your Skin Glow

Not entirely. Drinking that much water will hydrate your body, including your skin of course, but the very outer layer of your skin is composed of dead skin cells, which won’t be absorbed or affected by excessively drinking water. This layer of skin is mostly influenced by exterior things like weather, products, etc.

However, drinking water does have some benefits for the skin.

4. Popping Zits Will Give You Acne Scars

If you force a zit and make your skin bleed, you will most likely leave a scar since you are damaging the skin. However, if a pimple has arrived at the outer layer of the skin and is popped correctly and gently, you won’t leave an acne scar. If you have acne scars, try a toner to get an even skin tone.

5. Makeup Will Only Make Your Skin Breakout and Irritate Your Face

Some makeups will make you break out and irritate your skin. However not all. Lots of makeup products are specially formulated for a sensitive or acne prone skin. Some foundations even have acne fighting chemicals in them. Look for labels such as “Hypo-allergenic,” “Designed for sensitive skin,” “Oil-free,” etc.

6. Hypoallergenic Means It Won’t Cause Acne

Wrong! Just because something says, Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean it won’t cause you to breakout. It still contains chemicals.

7. Organic/Natural Beauty Products Won’t Irritate My Skin

One of the biggest lies women believe! Alike the hypoallergenic myth people so commonly think that organic products won’t irritate their skin! Natural products typically are gentler on the skin and work well with people. However, that isn’t to say a natural ingredient won’t irritate your skin, cause acne or any other skin problems.

8. Eating Junk Food Will Make You Breakout

While there is a certain tie-bit of truth to this, there is also a line of lies. We all know that a girl that can eat the crappiest of junk foods and still have gorgeous, flawless skin. It all depends on you and your skin type. Often people disassociate breakouts with food when its hormonal problems.

9. Hair Extensions Will Cause Your Hair to Break and Not Grow

Sleeping with your hair extensions, clipping extensions in too tightly and wearing too heavy of extensions can cause a tad bit of hair strain. However, extensions managed adequately will not cause hair to break or not grow.

10. Shaving Causes Hair to Grow Back, Darker and Thicker

Waxing causes pain, so shaving is the only way left. But are you also scared of shaving? Do you think you might end up with sharp and thicker hair? Then let me clear off that myth for you. Shaving only cuts the hair above the skin. And as the ends are chopped off with the razor, the hair has stubbly ends and makes it appears darker.  And thus we think that shaving makes the hair grow darker and thicker.

11. White Spots on Your Nail Means You Need to Drink More Milk

If your mom told you to drink more milk seeing the white spots on the nails then its time to bring out the truth. The white spots on the nails are because of some damage or injury to the nail. They can sometimes even be due to overuse of nail polish. Milk can only make your nails stronger, but the white spots are not because of the deficiency of calcium.

12. Regular Trims Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Cutting the ends of your hair won’t help you grow them faster. Regular trims make your hair grow more quickly is a widespread myth. But yes cutting the rough, damaged and split ends will help. It will help you have healthy and thicker look and also prevent them from breakage.

13. Toothpaste Is a Great Pimple Remedy

Why use a product on your face that is not meant to be? Face products are made in the way that they do not cause any harm. Applying toothpaste on the pimple will only cause skin irritation and may leave marks. So, if someone tells you to use toothpaste on your pimple, please DON’T.

14. Plucking a Grey Hair Will Cause More to Grow Back

Nothing! Nothing will happen if you pluck out your grey or white hair. They will grow back, but that’s it. It won’t harm the hair surrounding it or cause your other hair to turn grey. The hair you pluck will grow back in the same spot over time. We try to avoid plucking as it can sometimes lead to bald spot due to the harm caused to the follicle.

15. You Can Repair Split Ends

Some say that the split ends can be repaired with some oils or serums. But that won’t happen. The oils and serums might stick the split ends for some time but not fix them. The only solution is to trim off the slip ends. Trimming will make your hair growth normal.

16. You Should Exfoliate Daily

Just like washing your face many times a day can leave your skin dehydrated and dry and sometimes cause over secretion of natural oils, similarly exfoliating daily will leave your skin red and dry. Scrubbing every day can irritate the skin. Know your skin before you do anything. If you have dry skin, try to exfoliate only once a week, but if you have oily skin, you can do it twice a week.

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17. Tanning Beds Are Safer Than Tanning Outside

If you believe that tanning beds are safer than natural sun tanning, then you are entirely wrong. Overexposure to heat causes skin cancer. Tanning in natural sunlight and tanning bed all the time are harmful. But tanning beds are more damaging to skin as they emit 10-12 times more UV light than sunlight. So think before you plan to use tanning bed every time to tan your skin.

18. Lack of Sleep Causes Dark Circles

Dark circles are caused due to lack of nutrition, hormonal changes, dehydration, allergies and sometimes because of genetics. Lack of sleep does not create dark circles. It may make under dark eye circles appear more ominous, but it’s not the cause. Sometimes even sleeping on your stomach facing downwards can also cause dark circles. You can try a few of the home remedies or creams to lighten the darkness.

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19. You Shouldn’t Brush Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to break easily when continuously combed or roughly due to the locks in the hair. But that does not mean you cannot straighten your hair. Do it gently or if possible do it while your hair is wet or even after applying conditioner as it let the comb slide down easily. Use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush.

20. Eating Carbs (Or Fat) Will Make You Gain Weight

Carbs do not make you fat or gain weight. Avoiding carbs include pasta, potatoes, and bread. What we don’t know is that even veggies and fruits contain carbs. It is sugar and calories that make us fat. Eat the right carb to maintain a healthy diet.

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Final Words

So now that you are aware of these myths, I hope you will stop falling for them. It is better to not risk yourself with something you don’t know when it comes to your beautiful skin.

Now all you got to do is write a comment below if this post helped you clear the doubts and myths. Also, put down some of the myths which you know or have come across. And also share this post with your girl-friends and help them discover the truth and not fall for the most common beauty myths.

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